Do you know that at Central Park Dentistry of Mason City, Iowa, we can restore a chipped, cracked or discolored tooth to its natural beauty in a single visit? Even if you have a nagging gap, or undersized tooth, we can restore your smile in no time flat. How do we do it? With cosmetic bonding.

With Bonding, we can close spaces between teeth, lengthen small or misshapen teeth, or whiten stained or dark teeth.  We can shape and color a single tooth, or improve your entire smile.  When teeth are chipped or beginning to wear, bonding can protect them from damage and restore their original looks.

Placing the tooth-colored bonding material bonding your teeth with a material called resin requires just one appointment.  First, we roughen and prepare the teeth and apply a conditioning gel.   Then we place the resin.  Sculpt it to the desired shape, and harden it with a harmless, high-intensity light.

Once in place, bonded restorations are very strong.  Bonding can drastically improve your smile.  The final result is beautiful and natural looking teeth.

If you’ve been curious about repairing your smile, but thought it would cost too much or take too long, ask us about cosmetic bonding at your next appointment. You may be surprised how easy it is to put that smile back in business – and join the ranks of many of our patients who have done the same.

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