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At Central Park Dentistry we are thrilled to share this new Blog with you! We have chosen to highlight one of our patient’s journey to a new, healthy mouth, and the smile she has always wanted! The transformations we can make in the areas of health, function, and esthetics are endless, and we are excited to share the transforming power of great dentistry with you!

At a recent staff meeting, we began talking about how we could help someone and educate the public through their case. Our goal would be to show the impact of what dentistry can do to restore health, esthetics, and function. As the idea took shape, we knew we had several deserving patients to take this journey with us. One quickly rose to the top, Debbie! She has agreed to share her story with all of you as we transform her oral health condition all through 2017! We will highlight in depth the choices made for her dental care, the benefits of those choices, as well as share her personal story and the impact this treatment has on her life. Today we look at the challenges Debbie’s case presents.

For several years Debbie had desired to fix her teeth and regain her smile. She was timid about her appearance. She avoided smiling and laughing, and would hold her hand up to guard her smile if something was truly making her happy. How sad! Not only that, but her teeth then began to cause her pain as well. She was starting to have toothaches more often. Several times she would work towards a plan to get her teeth back in shape to only have those plans derailed by life events and finances. Then, as a toothache would pop up, she would have to make quick decisions to get out of pain.

In December of 2016, Debbie came to Central Park Dentistry to fix a toothache in a way she could afford, though not completely in the way she desired. At this time, the cost of doing what she wanted to do for her mouth in the long run— the best course of treatment — was again financially out of reach. Life had thrown her family yet another new challenge in 2016, one that was not a bad thing, but a financial change nonetheless.

At Debbie’s appointment, the staff knew that today was going to be different! Drs. Jay Lala, Matt Hansen, and Jennifer Thackery all came into the room to begin her appointment. She was overwhelmed by the idea of being offered help with all of her dental needs. We asked if she would be willing to share her story in order to help others learn about today’s dental treatment options and the kind of top quality care that we can give our patients. Hugs and tears were shared all around! She quickly accepted and hasn’t looked back!

All three doctors had input on the best treatment for Debbie. In our office, we frequently have team consults for our patients. Our varied experiences and expertise shed new ideas and insights on treatment, helping to provide the best care possible. We have an incredible mix of experience, training, technology, and personal touch.

So now, with Debbie’s plan in place, it is with great anticipation and excitement that we proudly present… 2017 – New Year, New Smile, New You!

We are proud of the treatment that we, your Central Park Dentistry team, provide all of our patients. We believe strongly in individualized care for each person’s situation, age, and stage. We are all unique and deserve to be treated so. We hope you enjoy Debbie’s story throughout the coming year, and we hope to help create many more stories with all of you as well! Stay tuned and stay smiling!

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