What should I expect as a new Central Park Dentistry patient?

At Central Park Dentistry, you can expect to be greeted with a smile!   You can expect warm, friendly service, to know and feel that you have been thoroughly taken care of, and  to see a staff full of experienced and knowledgeable profeesionals that love what they do and have fun doing it! 

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New patients can expect to fill out a patient history form. The information on this form is necessary to provide the best dental care for you. Except for emergency visits, the initial visit is spent conducting a thorough examination which includes:

A complete medical history to protect your health.
Clinical exam of head and neck, including teeth and all soft tissues.
Oral cancer screening.
X-rays to detect decay and to determine the condition of the supporting bone.
As a result of this careful examination we can determine a practical treatment plan for you. This plan will tell you what treatment is needed, why it is needed, how much it will cost, and how long treatment will take. If there is more than one case of treatment to be considered, each one will be discussed thoroughly.

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