Debbie – Treatment Begins

As we covered in the last blog, treatment plans for patients are approached with set priorities: health, function, and esthetics. Approaching cases in this order helps us find long-term success for our patients. Dentistry is not focused on good looks, but good looks and an appealing smile can be the product of good dentistry – so, in the name of good dentistry, we began with

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Debbie – The Treatment Plan

When we meet new patients, or have current patients who present us with a problem, we spend time listening to their perspective. Too often doctors and their team can overlook this. But here at Central Park Dentistry, when we listen to our patients we hear ideas for treatment, we hear their history (what has seemed to work or not work for them in the past), we hear fears, we hear feelings toward treatment and we hear patient hopes on timing of treatment.

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Someone New!

We are excited for Patrick to join the Central Park Dentistry team in providing excellent care for our patients! Patrick is in the special care rotation right now at the University of Iowa College of Dentistry and was featured in a story about geriatric…

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Thank You Once Again North Iowa!

We, the team at Central Park Dentistry, are celebrating the honor of being voted the best dentist for the 2017 Reader’s Choice! The award continues our strong tradition of being a leader in dental excellence. We would like to thank our patients for honoring us now several years in a row with this award.

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New Year, New Smile, New You!

At a recent staff meeting, we began talking about how we could help someone and educate the public through their case. Our goal would be to show the impact of what…

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15 Second Brief

Here at Central Park Dentistry we make it a priority to provide consistent, thorough care-so our hygienists start each cleaning visit with what we call the “15 Second Brief”. During this brief…

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