Here at Central Park Dentistry we make it a priority to provide consistent, thorough care-so our hygienists start each cleaning visit with what we call the “15 Second Brief”. During this brief we ask questions that guide and aid us in providing the best care for our patients. This is one of the ways we organize and maintain consistency when meeting with patients. In the “15 Second Brief” we systematically cover everything from hygiene habits, medical history updates, snoring or sleep apnea, and general conditions of the teeth and gums. We even address if there is anything with your teeth or smile you are unhappy with and would like to change, and the many options available to help you with this. We leave nothing to chance and our staff and office are extremely thorough. Our eight hygienists, who execute these briefs, set us all up for success for your dental care, working hard to make sure that you will walk away with a smile.

Dr. Jay Lala

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